How Dawson Johnson Arrowed a 171 1/2 inch Kansas Whitetail – Late Season – Les Johnson

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Net Boone and Crockett whitetails are a Big deal in the hunting industry. Not so much for us….but at any rate, this is a big whitetail buck in anyones book.
My brother Jeff and I have worked hard at teaching his boys, Dawson and Peyton the importance of being selective on their hunts. Both of them have harvested many great whitetail bucks, and now it is about watching the wildlife and “learning” from what they see. More of a management approach in their hunts.
My Nephew Dawson, arrowed a 171 1/2 inch typical whitetail on my kansas property in late 2016. He stuck to hunting with his bow, and hunting hard, and all of the hard work paid off on one late afternoon hunt with his younger brother Peyton, and friend Tearnyn.
Congratulations Dawson on your buck of a lifetime….or several lifetimes. Enjoy it, cherish it and hopefully you will never forget it.
I hope all of you enjoyed this peek into the retrieval of a great moment in history for our family.
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Les Johnson

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