CCS Outdoor Calling for Coyotes – 2019 First Stand of the Year – Triple Dog Day

(BE SURE TO WATCH IN FULL HD) Our first day calling this fall went way better than we had ever anticipated. The dogs were coming to the call quick and we managed to put 3 good furred up coyotes in the back of the pickup. We should’ve had 5, but we had to knock the cobwebs off the coyote gear and get our preseason jitters out of the way. Missing is part of hunting which is why we choose to show it! Hope you enjoy the video, stay tuned for more to be posted each week!

Let us know how you like the video, good and bad. We want our videos to be entertaining and enjoyable and we have changed the format of our videos from years past.

Gear used in the video:
Foxpro Fusion with their Newly Released sounds for 2019
Northwest Action Works CCS Varm Tac 22-250
Kopfjager Industries Reaper Grip with a Slik Tripod
Slumberjack Carbine backpack
OnX Premium Cellphone membership
Kryptek Highlander Camo
Suppressed Armament Systems Sentinel TA Suppressor

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