177″ & 183″ Wyoming High Country Mule Deer Hunt (DIY) w/ Pack Goats – CCS Outdoor – 640 & 200 Yards

(BE SURE TO WATCH IN FULL HD) After a couple years of applying, Colby and Cody drew their first Wyoming buck tags in unfamiliar area. With the help of a few friends we were able to target a specific area in the Region and get to scouting! We had 3 different areas targeted which gave us an option A, B and C just incase things didn’t go as as planned. All scouting took place online with Google Earth and OnXHunt, due to work and limited time off we were never able to do any “Boots on the Ground” scouting, which was very nerve racking going into the hunt. We were able to find several potential camp areas, along with glassing points, North/South facing slopes, and even found water.

Opening day is September 15th in Wyoming. So we drove down Friday, September 13th after work and arrived at the trailhead on September 14th at 2am, along with 50+ other rigs that were already there. This made for a very tiring day to make it into the area we wanted to hunt, but were able to do it by 4pm the day before season with the help of the 4 pack goats that we borrowed. Each goat carried 40lbs a piece including food, water and gear. This was our first time ever using pack animals, let alone pack goats! Looking back now we know that we couldn’t have done this trip without them, at least not without making multiple trips. We will most likely be getting our own pack crew in the near Future!!

After spending 3 days in the area we were able to harvest two awesome high country bucks. Our goal was to come home with at least a 170″ buck each, and we definitely made that happen with Colby’s scoring 177″ and Cody’s scoring 183″. We couldn’t be happier with how things turned out, but know that it wasn’t easy at all! After day one scouting before the opener we both got sick, lost our appetite, and were extremely dehydrated! We think that this was elevation sickness because the highest peaks that we can hunt in Oregon is 8,500 feet, where as the peaks that we were hunting were close to 10,000 feet.

We greatly appreciate you watching our video and hope you enjoyed! Be sure to check us out on our Facebook and Instagram @ccs_outdoor @ccs_colby @ccs_cody

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